4 Home Maintenance Tips For Spring

Spring is here, it’s time to take care of 4 home maintenance tasks to be ready for the season.

Inspect Roof Shingles - Spring Tip
-Inspect your roof shingles to check if any were lost or damaged during this past rainy windy winter. Cracked or loose shingles need to be replaced, if your roof hasn’t had roof covering replaced in a long time, it .
is time to start thinking about a replacement. The summer sun will always damage roof shingles in the long run.

Inspect Concrete Slabs For Cracks- Spring Tip
-Inspect concrete slabs cracks or looseness, any cracks should be filled with concrete crack filler or silicone caulk. For a more effective repair, power-wash the cracked concrete and then seal it.

-Inspect hose faucets for any damage from cold weather. A good way of inspecting your hose faucets is turning on the water and placing your finger over the opening, if the water flow stops, it is very like water pipes may be damaged and will need to be repaired.
Inspect Hose Faucets For Freeze Damage - Spring Tip
-Schedule a maintenance service with a licensed heating & cooling company. Your AC system’s coils should be cleaned and filter should be changed annually for more operating efficiency and high performance.
Schedule AC Unit Maintenance Service - Spring Tip

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