“Bad Apple” Plumbers | Tips

Nobody likes to be swindled when it comes to getting a service done. Whether it’s on your home, car, or electronics, you always want good service at a fair price.

Here are some to tips to help prevent dealing with a “bad” plumber:

1. Always ask a plumber for ID, state licence, and proof of insurance. Having an unlicensed & uninsured plumber do work in your house can be costly if the work is poor and if the work causes damage to your home, there is no liability to cover you.

2. When their estimate price for a service is drastically lower than it should be. Sneaky plumbers will use this tactic to get their foot in the door and then charge you more once the service is done. Beware.

3. Be careful of plumbers who offer a certain service or product and then give you an inferior service or product. Always get the make and model of the product offered and do you own research.

4. If a plumber pushes you for a cash payment and even offers a discount if you pay cash. This plumber is likely not only cheating on his taxes but is unethical.

You can use these tips in the future when scouting for a plumber or you can just call us 😉 Have a good day!

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