Are you ready for the “Big One”?

Living in California has its perks, sunny days, beaches, and In and Out burgers. It’s safe to say we are pretty much living the life. The list of cons is very short, but one that has remained steady on our rear view mirror has been the speculation of the “Big One”. This past March, the U.S. Geological Survey stated that the chances of an earthquake 8.0 or greater hitting California is at 7% (was 4.7% before). To summarize their explanation for this, they now have found and strongly believe that multiple faults will cause a mega-quake rather than past belief that earthquakes were limited to separate faults. This is based on research of past earthquakes and after-shocks, mainly in California.

If an earthquake of that magnitude were to happen, homes and buildings are susceptible to fires, explosions, or floods. Not because that’s how it happened in the recent movie San Andreas but because electric, gas, and water lines are all coming from a larger source, which in an event of an earthquake could cause damage and leaks. Gas appliances can create wreckage that can break fuel connections, cause fuel leaks, gas lines can be wrecked from surrounding destruction, which in turn can spark a fire, the possibilities are endless. Studies have found that more than 50% of fires during earthquakes are caused by gas leaks! Shutting off your gas immediately is highly advised during an earthquake, but think about how difficult that can be, what if you’re far away in another room, or you’re not even home? This is where an excessive flow sensor can be very beneficial or a motion sensing caged ball for that matter.
These 2 things I just mentioned are earthquake valves, each serving a specific task but both serving the same purpose; safety when a big earthquake hits.

A motion sensing caged ball – detects seismic activity and shuts down your gas service.

Excessive flow sensor – detects excessive gas flow and shuts down your gas service.

Despite the craziness that comes with big earthquake predictions, such as a Dutch man making a bold prediction that an 8.8 earthquake would hit California this last May, there is still room to worry as actual scientific research does leave us with pondering to do on the subject. It is clear, that an earthquake valve is necessary and important to have. If a big earthquake does happen, it won’t really be a scenario where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is on a chopper trying to save people but the chances of explosions, fires and floods are very likely. The underlying question is: are ready from preventing such damage to your home or building?
The costs of having your house burned down outweigh the costs of getting an earthquake valve installed. People take steps for such occurrences, from shopping sprees at Costco for canned foods and bottled water to purchasing sleeping bags and aid materials, having an earthquake valve installed is one of the most significant to take among those steps. Installation starts at $425, don’t be unprepared, give us a call today.

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