How To Get Ready For El Nino Rain

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Are you ready for El Nino? 

It is predicted that this will be the strongest El Niño since 1950.  Although we should look forward to a lot of rain since we’re in a drought, there are still precautions to take due to the flooding, mudslides, and damage El Nino can cause.

The following are some precautions we recommend to take:

  • Clear your storm drains: Besides common garbage and debris clogs, trees can dig their roots into your drains when searching for water which is clearly more possible to have happened in this drought. If not cleared soon, once El Nino comes it will backup your storm drain, and flood and damage your property.Storm_Drain
  • Clear your gutters and downspouts: A gutter is the narrow channel, or trough, forming the component of a roof system which collects and diverts rainwater away from the roof edge. A downspout is the pipe that carries the rainwater from a rain gutter. These are the first line of defense against floods and property damage.clean downspout burbank, ca
  • Inspect your sump pumps: Make sure your sump pumps are installed and working properly. They will eliminate flooding in your basement or water table. For more information on our sump installation and replacement service, click here.
  • Have your roof inspected for any leaks!: It’s obvious that this can be self diagnosed when actual rain water starts leaking down inside your home, but roofers will take advantage of such occurrence and charge you a lot more money in contrary to what you would have spent on a normal day before El Nino.
  • Have your heating and air conditioning system inspected: We are already feeling the cold, El Nino can bring colder temperatures, so make sure everything is in fine condition to keep you cozy and not trembling.
  • Insulation: Also, make sure your home is well insulated by caulking and repairing any leaks and cracks in your windows, doors, walls, etc. Not only does proper insulation prevent heat from escaping your home, it is a huge energy saver.
  • Stock Up: If you live in an area that’s flood prone, make sure to have emergency supplies such as sandbags and heavy plastic sheeting.



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