Green Plumbing 101

When you hear the phrase “green plumbing”, you could either be thinking about your faucets and pipes all being installed in the color green or you can be thinking about plumbing that can potentially save the earth. Well, it is about saving the earth. It’s about helping our earth by reducing the amount of water and energy we use. Green plumbing can be implemented in various ways. Not only will it reduce your bills and help California during this drought but it will make your home and environment healthier and better.

Switch to low flush toilets

Multiply 20 by how many persons are living in your household and you’ll get how many gallons of water your toilets are wasting a DAY. Most standard toilets today are 3.5 gpf toilets (gpf = gallons per flush), low flush models are 1.6 gpf, which can be saving you about 15,000 gallons of waters which will reduce your water bill dramatically.


Dual flush toilets

Then there are dual flush toilets. You most likely have encountered the infamous dual flush toilets before, they usually have 2 buttons on the top or 2 handles, one option flushes at 1.6, the other at 1.1. gpf. The Environment Protection Agency has stated that if everyone would switch to a dual flush toilet, we could be saving 2 billion gallons of water a day. Wow!


Purchase Energy Star washing machines


We on average use washing machines for 300 loads per year. On average, a standard washing machine uses 23 gallons of water per load. Energy Star washing machines can go as low as 15 to 12 gallons per load.  If you’re worried about efficiency, Consumer Reports magazine has said about Energy Star washing machines “good cleaning, high efficiency, and large capacities are common features of the newest washers.”


Energy star dishwashers


Standard dishwashers use about 6 to 14 gallons of water on every single use depending on its age. Energy Star dishwashers use an impressive 4 gallons of water on each cycle. In general Energy Star dishwashers use energy at “least 41% more efficiently than dishwashers” according to GreenHome.
You can make a difference by selecting one of these earth friendly options. Together we can all help our California with this current drought!

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