How Do I Stay Motivated?

It is the final stretch of the year and as some of the best family holidays come near it makes it easy to sometimes deviate from our tasks at hand. This week we will stray from the usual newsletter topic, instead I will offer you some great tips on how to stay focused and motivated to finish off the year strong and productive.


Make a List


Using a pen or pencil only(no computers) write a list of goals with reasons why it is so important to you to achieve those goals. Be specific.

Writing such list with only a pen is important because it makes a real mental connection.

Also when writing the list, set rewards for yourself within goals. For example, I plan on painting my whole house, after getting 2 or 3 hours done, treat yourself to a good lunch or maybe play a video game for an hour.


Be Mentally Strong and Ready


Don’t try to do too many things at once. One of the main reasons for procrastination is having too many things to do, and already mentally giving up because you feel overwhelmed. Be reasonable. Set goals that you can accomplish in a timely manner.

Always have a plan B. Be prepared to fail, but not give up, have “another shot mentality”, and be ready to use plan B in case things don’t work out the way you expected.

In order to stay focused, continuously check the list you made. Read the reasons outloud to yourself to remind yourself why your are trying to accomplish a goal.


Do The Bigger Tasks First


Do the creative more difficult work first, then do the easy tasks. For example, updating website content and design, writing a proposal, and then doing the less difficult tasks such as responding to emails, working on invoices, etc. This way most of your beginning of the day energy is used more productively, rather than have dinner time approaching and feeling less motivated, and more thinking about those pork ribs you’re going to have.


Train Your Mind


Distractions are everywhere, social media is one of the biggest. How do you train your mind you ask? Like working on your cardio or weight lifting, you start small and then go by increments. So in this case, set time intervals for avoiding distractions such as 10 minutes straight of working on tasks, then take a 1 or 2 minutes break, and then continue eventually increasing the time spent working on tasks to a more significant time without distractions.

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