How To Locate Your Shutoff Valve During In An Emergency.

Plumbing emergencies will happen sometime, and we believe it is important you know where to find and turn off your water supply in the event of one.
First of all, your shutoff valve will NOT:

  • be located under the sink.
  • be located on or near your water heater, that will only shut off the hot water.

There are 4 possible locations for your water shutoff valve.

  • If you remember where you put away your home’s inspection report when you bought your house, the inspection report will tell you the location of the shut off valve.
  • Keep in mind that a shut off valve will always be located on ground level. So if you have a basement it will usually be located on the ceiling of the basement.
  • It can be commonly found around the perimeter of your home. Thoroughly check the exterior of your home.
  • If you know where your water meter is, follow it in a straight line towards your house, that will usually help you find your shutoff valve.

Below are images of how a shutoff valve will look, there are 2 possible types of valves, a gate valve and a ball valve. As you can see, the ball valve has “ON” & “OFF” labeled on the handle, a gate valve will need to be turned clockwise to be shut off.

gate valveball valve

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