How To Maximize The Value of Your Home Before Selling It

Thinking of selling your home in the future? Thinking of buying a house then selling it in the future? Well, this newsletter is for you.
Did you know that making upgrades and renovations to a house can triple or even quadruple your investments? Cool, right?
Today, I have 5 simple tips for you (or your friends) to increase the value of a house before selling it, here we go:

Schedule a Home Inspection

What’s better than having prospective homebuyers come into your home and not be pinpointing every issue and then trying to haggle with the price? An inspection will identify leaks, water damages, electrical hazards, and building code violations. You’ll either get repair recommendations or an A+. Both which can be shown to prospective buyers, along with invoices for the designated repairs if necessary.


A new paintjob is cost-effective and gives your home a fresh and new look. A gallon of paint is $15 to $30. Choose neutral colors as it gives buyers a chance to project their ideas & expectations better.

Going Green

Upgrading to energy efficient and water saving appliances and fixtures is the new wave of what buyers are looking for. Energy efficiency is very important to 90 percent of prospective home buyers, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). For more info read our newsletter.

More Green

Landscaping upgrades can increase the value of your home by up to 28%. First impressions are everything. Adding trees, plants, outdoor lighting, and even walkways are extremely beneficial to the value of your home and will capture home buyers attention almost immediately without them even walking in.

More Space

Hire a professional organizer, no not a wedding planner, but a professional house organizer, a skilled specialist who helps organize & declutter homes. Prospective home buyers love seeing more space, clutter free homes appear cleaner and larger, and again gives them a chance to project their belongings and ideas into the open space more effectively.

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