North Hollywood Water Leak Detection

Cheap Water Leak Detection North Hollywood, C

Plumbing Leak Detection Specialists

Our plumbers are trained to find any leak in your plumbing system. Leaks will usually go unnoticed because there are pipes behind walls that are not visible. Usually mold or water damage will occur which can potentially cause expensive damage to your home. With our service you get the inspection free of charge ($275 value) as long as we get to fix the leaks. While other companies are billing you over $200 for a detection service, we will discount the whole cost of the detection service from your total bill.

Water Main Leak Detection Specialists

cheap water main leak detection - north hollywood ca
Another leak that could be occurring is in your main line which if leaking can be wasting hundreds of gallons of water. A water main line is responsible for receiving water from reservoirs and treatment centers. With our leak detection service, our techs will immediately identify any leaks in your water main and can save you thousands of dollars on your water bill.

Slab Leak Detection Specialists

cheap slab leak detection - north hollywood, ca
Slab leaks are any leaks that are underneath a concrete slab. These leaks usually occur when the soil below shifts causing the concrete to shift as well and eventually cracking. As you can see in the picture, this shifting and heaving will damage any underground plumbing below the slab. If not taken care of early, mold will begin to develop not only damaging the foundation of your home but also present an unhealthy environment that can lead to respiratory issues for anyone in your household.