Plumbers in Sun Valley, CA

We are a Residential and Commercial Plumbing, Gas Leak Repair, and Kitchen Renovation Service.

We are available 24/7 and there is no emergency fee or late night fee charge. We have been serving Sun Valley for over 10 years.

We are dedicated to becoming your #1 choice for plumbing services. Most plumbers nowadays don’t offer the quality service we do at generous and fair prices. Our plumbers are trained to be experts of the industry but we also emphasize friendliness and reliability, something many plumbers in the industry lack.

Some of our plumbing discounts in Sun Valley:

Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning $79

Our professional drain cleaning service will eliminate bathroom and shower clogs, slow drains, and bad smells, as a result of tree and shrub roots, food, oil, grease, hair and beauty products, disposal wipes, sanitary products, bandages, and soap scum.

Water Heater Flush & Diagnosis $59

Our water heater service is recommended once a year on tank or tankless systems, as flushing eliminates sediment build-up, slow water flow, rusty water and inadequate hot water. Along with the flush comes a full inspection of the water heater to determine whether components are working efficiently such as the relief valve, anode rod, water filter and checking for any leaks.

Call us at 818-438-7505 with any questions as well as free estimate inquiries.

Below are reviews written by customers in Sun Valley for our plumbing services.

Very dependable and knowledgible father and son business. Very reasonable prices. I highly recommend.
Gabriel H. on 2/21/2015 (Yelp)