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Our plumbers are available 24/7 for any plumbing service or emergency plumbing need. Our services are for residential and commercial customers in Topanga, CA. They are friendly and reliable, and will do high quality work at affordable prices.We specialize in services such as drain cleaning, water heater repair, tank or tankless water heater install, garbage disposals, and more.

PEX Repipe in Topanga

The benefits of re-piping with PEX are numerous. First of all it is inexpensive, it is essentially 10 times cheaper than copper (a re-piping alternative), it is faster and easier to install, which can you save you money on the plumbing service, it does not corrode which copper does, it is longer and more durable than copper and doesn’t damage in the coldest of temperatures. Call us today to repipe your home or place of business with PEX.

Leak Detection Service in Topanga:

Why your water bill is so high, leaks, slab and underslab leaks, why there is mold or mildew, mainline leaks, and any plumbing leaks. Our professional plumbers will inspect your house or commercial building with advanced leak detection equipment and find the problems. The advantages of using this service are highly beneficial as you water bill will decrease and the foundation of your home can be saved.

We have satisfied the needs of many Topanga residents, take a look at their reviews below.

“Wonderful service. Plumber was very knowledgeable and congenial. I had the shower faucets leaking so badly my electric bill went up $40 in one month. No more leaks. I would recommend this company to anyone.”
Lisa B. in Topanga, CA on 6/30/2015 (HomeAdvisor)

“My experience with Eddie Jr. at All in One has been excellent. He responds promptly to calls, shows up quickly and charges a fair price. He is also cheerful and kind; it’s always easy and pleasant to deal with him.

We’ve used him for about 18 months for several different jobs (large to small) and have been completely satisfied each time.”
Melanie R. in Topanga, CA on 2/11/2015 (Yelp)