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Green Plumbing

Green plumbing is an effort to reduce the amount of water and energy we use. As we all know California is in a very serious drought and residents of our beautiful cities are making quite an effort to do whatever they can to help conserve. Green plumbing can be implemented in various ways and ot only will it help reduce your bills but it will make your home and environment healthier.

Here are some ways we can help save water by installing these plumbing fixtures:

Switch to low flush toilets

Most standard toilets today are 3.5 gpf toilets (gpf = gallons per flush), low flush models are 1.6 gpf, which can be saving you about 15,000 gallons of waters. This will reduce your water bill dramatically.

Switch to dual flush toilets

Dual flush toilets usually have 2 buttons on the top or 2 handles, one option flushes at 1.6, the other at 1.1. gpf. The Environment Protection Agency has stated that if we all would switch to a dual flush toilet, we could be saving around 2 billion gallons of water a day.

Purchase Energy Star washing machines

On average a standard washing machines uses 23 gallons of water per load. Energy Star washing machines can go as low as 15 to 12 gallons per load. If you’re worried about efficiency, Consumer Reports magazine has said about Energy Star washing machines “good cleaning, high efficiency, and large capacities are common features of the newest washers.”

Energy Star dishwashers

Standard dishwashers use about 6 to 14 gallons of water on a single use. Energy Star dishwashers on the other hand use 4 gallons of water on a single use. In general Energy Star dishwashers use energy at “least 41% more efficiently than dishwashers” according to GreenHome.