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There are many things we believe in that are not true. We are molded with a few myths since the day we are born, such as eating your veggies will make you taller & stronger or how Santa Claus rides a sleigh through your neighborhood once a year putting gifts under your tree. But even as we are now older there is still some myths we still believe in. For example, the 5 second rule was designed as a safety bubble that gives us 5 seconds to pick up food we dropped before it gets dirty with bacteria. That of course is untrue, because bacteria doesn’t do a 5 second countdown before it attaches itself to food.

Plumbing itself has its series of myths. Some of them funny until you’re writing a check for an expensive repair. We in general have already debunked a few myths on our own, for example we already know that a leaky faucet is actually a big deal, its raises your water bill & it’s not good for us when we’re actually trying to conserve water. But yet, as smart as we think we are sometimes there are still some things left be made clear about plumbing.

Flushable wipes are not so flushable – Like hair loss products that promise winning the battle against you losing your hair, flushable wipes don’t flush right threw like a majestic untouchable item, they will in fact clog your drain just like non-flushable wipes do. Today some of these “flushable” wipes companies are facing lawsuits.

Store drain cleaners don’t work – Sorry ladies & gents, but it’s the harsh truth. Like telling your dog to stop barking, it just won’t work. The chemicals in drain cleaners are unhealthy to inhale, bad for the environment, damage plumbing pipes, and don’t help clear clogs.

Lemons don’t clean your garbage disposal – This one’s an oldie, but yet some people still haven’t caught on. Instead use ice, it will polish your disposal and eliminate odors.

Don’t use hot water while flushing food waste down your disposal – Many people use hot water while washing dishes because it makes waste easier to remove but the truth is that hot water & grease will accumulate and cause clogging.

In-tank toilet cleaners are more like in-tank toilet damagers – They keep their word in keeping your toilet clean and smelling good, but studies have revealed that since their introduction in the 90’s, toilet repairs have increased due to their ability to damage toilet tank components such as the flapper, flush valves, and other parts.

As much as we love giving you an invoice on these repairs we would rather offer these suggestions to help you save money & headaches in the future. Because who doesn’t need a good friend every now and then?

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