Re-Piping With Pex

Water leaks at your home or place of business happen, and diagnosing them quickly is important because they can cause expensive damages in the long run. One of the solutions to water leaks is re-piping and today, I want to give you a few tips on re-piping. Before I continue, re-piping is when pipes that supply water are replaced.  

First, if you have galvanized piping, you should most likely opt for re-piping. Galvanized piping produces a lot of rust and will likely be adding rust to your water, along with other problems such as slowing down the water flow.

If you don’t have galvanized piping, and instead have copper, diagnosis will depend on a few things such as what kind of copper was installed and if water in your area is highly acidic. Consistent leaks means you will eventually need re-piping as copper pipes will continue to deteriorate.

When choosing to re-pipe your home or place of business, you should consider pex pipe over other options for a variety of reasons. Pex pipe is a plastic created to: resist hot and cold temperatures, never break, and never degrade from acidic water or chemicals.


Pex advantages:

  • Inexpensive – Half-inch of pex costs about ⅓ of what copper costs (10 times less expensive than 1 foot of copper).
  • Faster – Easier and quicker to install
  • Doesn’t Corrode – Copper corrodes around areas with acidic water, Pex does not.
  • No Glue – Pex installation doesn’t require glue, which means no need for masks or worrying about ventilation.


  • Low chances of bursting in freezing temperatures


  • More Flexible
  • Longer – Available in longer lengths which is advantageous in remodeling jobs
  • Durability – As mentioned before Pex can withstand the hottest and coldest of temperatures without breaking or regressing. Unlike copper which can break in cold temperatures.

Although pex piping is the obvious choice, pex piping isn’t perfect, it has 2 slight disadvantages. It’s not suitable for outside piping, (UV exposure can damage Pex, this is where copper wins). Second, copper is recyclable, but pex piping development is on the direction of becoming recyclable, so the advantage is temporary.

I hope this newsletter can help you in the future when making re-piping decisions, stay tuned for our newsletter next week.

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