Money Saving Tips for Bathroom Renovation

Do you want to remodel your bathroom but think it’s too expensive?

You don’t have to spend a fortune, here are a few bathroom renovation tips:

1. Don’t change the blueprint, keep everything where it needs to be, in other words, don’t move your sink to another corner and your tub to the other side. You can save THOUSANDS on plumbing and electrical wiring relocation.

2. Spending a fortune, let’s say $80,000 on a renovation when your house is only worth $250,000, means you won’t ever get back your investment. So just don’t do it.

3. Painting the bathroom yourself is something you should consider, as well as it being the most inexpensive “makeover” choice.

4. Painting yourself is one thing, but I don’t recommend doing tile yourself if you don’t have the experience, hire someone, because if you screw up doing it yourself, it will just be more expensive.

5. When hiring a contractor, shop for the materials yourself, you’ll get what you want and you won’t have to pay the contractor for his “time”.

6. Changing the look of your bathroom can be as easy as switching to new shower curtains, a mirror, rug etc.

7. When shopping for bathroom fixtures & products, exhaust a lot of effort on price research, such as online, craigslist, and specialty stores. Also search for sales and clearance sales.

8. For your counters, shop around by calling granite shops for granite leftovers. You can get the granite you need at an affordable price.

9. Don’t tile all the walls, just tile around the tub, and drywall the rest. It will save you money and will still look just as good.

10. Use a curtain for your shower instead of glass. It saves you money & you can always replace it with different color designs.

11. Purchase old bathroom furniture instead of buying new ones.You can refinish or paint them and it will save you a lot of money as well.

12. Replace your tub and shower instead of tearing the whole bathroom down, believe it or not it will still give a remodeled look.

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