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Among the many headaches that come with being a homeowner, a clogged sewer line might be at the top of the list. Not only is it a massive headache but it also presents health hazards. Multiple clogged drains & slow running drains are the main symptoms that will alert you that you need sewer cleaning.

Everything to do with sewers is our specialty, so over the last 10 years we’ve made it a priority to train our plumbers the in & outs of sewer cleaning, repair, and replacement. Located & serving Burbank for over 12 years, we will make sure to take care of you and be as informative & honest as possible along the process.

We Will Eliminate:

Reoccurring Clogs & Slows Drains


Tree roots From Penetrating Your Pipes

Raw Sewage Smell Coming From Drains



It is recommended you have your sewers cleaned every 2-3 years as a preventive measure. If such measure is not taken there is a possibility of expensive repairs in the long run.

If you opt for a free camera inspection we will inspect your underground pipes and sewer lines for any:

  • broken pipes
  • damaged pipes
  • bellied pipes
  • corrosion
  • root intrusionRoot Intrusion Service - Burbank, CA
  • leaks
  • built-up clogs
  • obstructions

Clean Sewer Line Service - Burbank, CA