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Sewer Replacement Costs - Burbank, CA
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Burbank Sewer Line Replacement

Backed up or clogged sewers and broken or root intruded pipes are a huge pain in the you know what. We’ve made working with sewers one of our specialties. Depending on what we see with a video camera inspection and city code regulations, we can give you options regarding what route to take. Trench less methods are very popular because they eliminate the mess & expenses associated with traditional methods.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement Method

Sewer replacement the trenchless way is a great alternative, because it requires no extensive digging (pictured at the top) and requires no restoration expenses. There are many methods, but we mainly use pipe bursting and pipe lining. The difference between the 2 is that pipe line requires 2 holes, one hole on each end, and is done by hydraulically pulling the head of  the new HDPE pipe with a steel cable, while simultaneously breaking the old sewer line pipe. Pipe lining on the other hand requires one hole, which is performed by inserting epoxy resin filled lining into the old pipe, which is expanded & inflated by a calibration tube, which is then deflated and removed once the process is complete.  A video camera inspection will dictate your needs and what kind of route you should take. Our free (yes, free) estimate will give you a full detailed analysis of costs per material and labor.

A little confused with the difference in methods and such? We understand. Give us a call or send us an email, we love talking and giving more information to people trying to learn more.

Licensed Sewer Replacement Contractor

We have insurance and a C-42 contractors license to do all sewer replacements and repairs. All our sewer replacements are covered by lifetime warranty. As far as our prices go, we believe we are competitive and try to be as honest & transparent as possible when giving out estimates and pricing. As mentioned above our labor & materials cost will be detailed for you and we will be informative if you have any more questions. Also, as you can see above, for a limited time only, we will discount 10% off any other company’s written estimate (see above).

Hiring a licensed & insured contractor is the smart decision to make, even if you are trying to save money. Unlicensed and/or uninsured contractors will not be held liable for any damages or mishaps to your property, which could add more unnecessary expenses in the long run. Make the right decision and go with a licensed & insured contractor like, we promise to deliver an affordable estimate for you.

We are professional and polite, and clean (we do not leave a mess after our work is done). We keep our promises, we show accountability and integrity, and we don’t try to hit you with those hidden fees or swindles that remains negatively persistent in our industry. 

We are located in Burbank, California and enjoy serving the awesome residents of this beautiful city. 
Licensed Sewer Replacement Contractor - Burbank, CA