Studio City Plumbing

Professional Local Plumbers in Studio City, CA

We have been serving Studio City and the surrounding San Fernando Valley & Los Angeles for over 20 years. We are licensed and insured and drug screen and background screen all our technicians. All our plumbers are highly trained and are friendly and reliable.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing

Our #1 priority is to provide homeowners and residents of Studio City with the maximum quality service. The same applies to any commercial buildings. Feel free to give us a call with any question or ask us for a free estimate on your plumbing needs. We also do free in home inspections and commercial inspections if the job is more complex.

Green Plumbing

We are strong advocates of helping California conserve water during this drought. We offer a 15% environmental friendly discount on installing green plumbing fixtures. Green plumbing fixtures are any fixtures or appliances that help conserve water and energy.

Conserve water and energy by installing the following plumbing fixtures:

  • Install Low Flush Toilets or Dual Flush Toilets
  • Low flush and dual toilets can get 1.1 gpf (gallons of water per flush) in contrast to standard toilets which get 3.5 gpf. By installing the above mentioned fixtures, the EPA has stated we could be saving 2 billion gallons of water.

  • Install Energy Star Washing Machine
  • They use as low as 15 to 12 gallons per load. Standard wash machines use 23 gallons of water per load.

  • Install Energy Star Dishwasher
  • They use 4 gallons of water on a single use. Standard dishwashers can use up to 14 gallons of water.