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What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a pump used for basements and shallow water tables.  It eliminates flooding by pumping out water collected in the sump basin to a dry well or municipal storm drain. Not all basements need a sump pump, it is easy to identify if you do need a sump pump which is usually when your basement floods frequently or if your water table ‘s height allows water to seep through the floor or foundation. Not only are sump pumps beneficial to residences with basements but they are necessary. They eliminate flooding and solve any dampness, which if not taken seriously can damage the foundation of your home.

Burbank Sump Pump Installation Service

Installation procedures depend on whether there is a sump pit installed already or if we will need to tear up the floor and install one. Location, the power of the pump required, and the amount of work required dictates the cost of the installation work. Older homes will usually need a new sump pump. We have been installing & repairing sump pumps in Burbank for over 10 years.

Types of Sump Pumps We Install

There are 2 types of sump pumps that can be installed. There is the first generation pumps, called pedestal sump pumps which are designed for smaller sump pits but only last 15 years.  A submersible pump on the other hand, will last 25 years, and is designed for noise reduction since the motor is in the sump basin. It is also designed to prevent the collection of debris eliminating any clogging problems. We highly recommend installing a submersible pump but needs will vary depending on location and foundation.

Sump Pump Installation Costs

Costs are always fluctuating in the industry not because of the costs associated with sump pumps, but mainly because of greed and incentive driven plumbers. We are transparent enough to admit that none of our plumbers work on commission and making “sales”, are prices are upfront & competitive, which is why we are hoping to end your shopping around by offering 10% off any written estimate another company has given you. Not only do you get the discount, but you get the quality service you deserve. Our plumbers carry themselves with integrity and respect, and do not treat our customers like pieces of trash, which is very persistent in our industry today. We hope to hear from you soon.

Burbank Sump Pump Install