Reviews On Our Services

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We would like to share our customer reviews & feedback on our plumbing, gas leak repair, and kitchen renovation work.

“I have used Eddie at my personal home and office building for several years now.  He is honest, hard working and will bring in a specialist if necessary.  Very simply put he gets the job done.  I recommend him.”
Tim M. in Santa Monica, CA on 7/29/2015 (Yelp)

“Fast and reliable. Did a get job would recommend to anyone else to hire.”
Christine K. in Sylmar, CA on 7/20/2015 (HomeAdvisor)

“I was very please with the response time and the job was completed the same day. Very professional and would recommend All in One Plumbing to anyone. Very satisfied with their work.”
Pia L. from Stevenson Ranch, CA on 7/19/2015 (HomeAdvisor)

“Wonderful service. Plumber was very knowledgeable and congenial. I had the shower faucets leaking so badly my electric bill went up $40 in one month. No more leaks. I would recommend this company to anyone.”
Lisa B. in Topanga, CA on 6/30/2015 (HomeAdvisor)

“Very professional and quality work done for my home. I also hired him for additional work needed!”
Tammie T. in Valley Village, CA on 6/16/2015 (HomeAdvisor)

“We are interior designers who have worked with Eddie Medina Sr and Eddie Medina Jr  for 7 years.  We have done at remodeled over 50 homes and 20 apartments with All in One Plumbing.  The work ranged from major remodels (2nd story additions, complete kitchen and bath remodels, etc.) to installing gas line, gas heaters and earthquake shut off valves.

Both Eddie and his son Eddie Jr are very honest.  They work very hard.  They are knowledgable in their field and are licensed, bonded and insured.  They are very fairly priced.  They are friendly and warm.  I’ve never had an argument with them.  Our clients like them. They are very responsible. Last year when an old corroded pipe leaked overnight (while they were fixing it) they paid to have the clients’  floor refinished.

We also manage properties. Recently I’ve started using them for apartment service calls. They are available 24-7, respond promptly, treat tenants professionally and take care of the problems asap.”
Guy V. from Los Angeles, CA in 5/19/2015 (Yelp)

“I was in need of a plumber so I called, they came with in the hour and fixed the problem fast and hassle free. I’ve used them again since then very reliable.”
Erling M. from Glendale, CA in 6/8/2015 (Yelp)

If you’ve had issues with us in a past, give us a call, we’d be more than happy to offer solutions to your past problems or experiences with us.