5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know


Whether you’re a new homeowner or been one for over 10 years, there are some things about your home and how to take care of it that you should know.

  1. Know where the main water shutoff valve is

Not knowing where your main water shut off valve is in the event of an emergency can cause serious water damage to your home. It is important everyone in your household knows where it is and how to turn it off. For more information on how to locate your main water shutoff valve, click here.


  1. Call 811 before digging a hole.

Before you dig holes on your property it is extremely important you call 811 first so they instruct local utility services to visit where you are trying to dig (which you mark with white chalk or paint) and mark underground wires, pipes, and cables with flags. Not taking this step, can lead to very expensive repairs if you accidentally damage something.


  1. Inspect your attic insulation

If you can see tops of joists (a joist is one of the horizontal supporting members that run between foundations, walls, or beams to support a ceiling or floor) you don’t have enough insulation.


  1. Be cautious when drilling your walls

In order to prevent expensive damage to your plumbing and electrical wires behind walls, only drill a quarter in, this method will prevent the drill from damaging anything. Also take note of where swatches are located such as the on/off switch and outlets, do not drill horizontally or vertically from these locations as wires will mostly likely be running in a straight line both ways.


  1. Cutting down a tree

If you’re trying to get rid of that tree that is either creating some kind of obstruction or is just not a good looking tree for your home, think twice before doing it yourself. The risk of the tree falling not the way you want it is very high, and not only could possibly damage your home or car parked in your driveway, it could also possibly damage your neighbor’s home or car! So just don’t do it yourself, hire a professional.

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