Water Leak Detection Saves You Money

Did you know water damage is the 3rd highest home insurance claim? Today, I want to inform you on why water leak detection is important in saving you money and from expensive damage repairs to your home. Water leak detection isn’t cheap, detection equipment is expensive, which is why most plumbing companies start their detection service price at around $250 and could reach up to $1200.

Water leak detection detects plumbing leaks, mainline leaks, and slab leaks.

A mainline leak is a leak in the principal pipe of a system of pipes for conveying water. Slab leaks are leaks running under concrete/wood on your floor (Slab is defined as a large, thick piece of stone, concrete or wood). Slab leaks are caused by corrosion, a shifting foundation, bad water quality, or bad plumbing work (ex. a plumbing contractor didn’t install pipes correctly). A slab leak can severely damage the foundation of your home, so it is crucial you get it repaired immediately. Increased electric & water bills will usually be a first indicator that you have a slab leak.

Leaks can damage fixtures, from decay or reduced water pressure. Replacing fixtures such as showerheads will cost on average $300. Mold on walls from leaks are also an expensive repair, costing around $500 and up. Damaged floors from leaks can cost up to $2000 replace.
Toilet leaks for example can cost you on average $840 a year on your water bill (depending on the size of your family and toilet use of course). Something that seems so miniscule can be wasting over 200 gallons a day! Multiply that number by the days in a month, and you’re looking at potentially wasting about 6000 gallons of water a month! In a place of business you have to consider the revenue that will be lost due to having to get repairs done, if you have to close for a day or two, depending on the damage.

All this is preventable, all it takes is scheduling a leak detection appointment which is recommended every 3 months. For a limited time only we are offering free leak detection service in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, and Santa Clarita Valley as long as we get the repair work. That’s $275 you can save when you choose us. A few signs you should definitely call us to schedule an appointment are if you sense a musty water smell, your water bill is ridiculously high, there is visible mold, stains, or cracking and peeling on walls, ceilings or floors. Don’t let this opportunity go by and call us today to help us help you!

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