Home Maintenance Tips For The Winter

As winter approaches along with its good ol’ holidays and cozy family time, it also brings freezing cold temperatures and rainy days. In effort to always provide our community with advice and tips, we’ve jotted down a few home tips for you to consider before winter officially begins.

  • Inspect your heating system(furnace) before winter begins. Having problems with your heating system during the winter can be costly as service companies will take advantage of the cold weather and your need for warmth and charge you more than usual.
  • Inspect Furnace Before Winter
    Inspect your furnace before winter begins to avoid any expensive repairs and hazards.
  • Inspect your fireplace and chimney (if you have one) before using it for the winter. Doing so will eliminate the risk of any fire hazard that can happen when there is creosote (highly flammable) buildup.
  • Inspect Fireplace Before Winter Begins
    Inspect fireplace before the winter to avoid any hazards or expensive price hikes during the winter season.
  • Repair any air leaks on your windows, doors, or walls. This will save you energy when you using your heating system.
  • Inspect and Repair Air Leaks Before Winter
    Inspect for any air leaks on your windows or walls to avoid using too much energy and as a result receiving expensive bills.
  • Trim your trees! Cut any hazardous tree branches. Doing so will prevent any from falling and damaging your home or car parked in the driveway.
  • Trim Branches To Avoid Home Damage
    Trim branches and/or cut dead trees to avoid any damage to your home that can happen during winter season.
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